Claro Latin America

The Bergenfield Supply

Customer: Claro Latin America (Argentina, Columbia) working with our partner Cnetric Global Inc.
Context: Part of America Movil group, Claro is Latin America’s largest Telecom operator. As an IBM commerce customer, Claro was looking to get the best out of their IT investments.

Solution: Working jointly with their IBM system integrator Cnetric, the Sciencepath team lead the marketing transformation efforts with the goals of improving conversion rates, increasing engagement and creating a roadmap  for transformation and scale.

Innovation: We used a custom-built marketing transformation roadmap taht combined performance re-engineering, marketing campaign optimization and a life of shift of technical stack. On the tools ide, we used a combination of IBM Watson Marketing, Hotjar, Google Analytics, IBM customer experience Analytics(CXA) and other marketing tools reengineer and create a solid foundation.

Transformation:  Over multiple quarters, the company was able to see tangible progress month on month on key performance indicators(KPIs) that were identified during the baseline evaluation. With more than 3 million members following their social media channels, they now have a framework to make sense of a vast array of data points and engagement metrics.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Print