Howdy Owls

The owls you need to have

Customer: Verifone, USA working with or partner Cnetric Global Inc.
Context: As one of the world’s largest payment systems providers, Verifone needed to be on top of their game and has to operate state-of-the-art listing websites. Our project was sponsored by Verifone’s global marketing leadership and involved the redevelopment of the primary customer facing website as well as a number of internal marketing innovation projects.

Solution: Working hand in hand with their system integrator Cnetric, our principal marketing SMEs lead the deployment of Drupal content management system on AWS and created a marketing innovation workspace to enable their various stakeholders build, deploy and scale marketing applications.

Innovation: Our methodology based on build-test-iterate with biweekly progress review calls ensure a seamless progress across multiple projects and geographies.

Transformation: Our joint teams have been engaged at Verifone for about two years and has executed, to date, over half a dozen separate projects helping re-engineer the main customer facing website, their sales and marketing communications applications, event related mobile apps and certain learning and development applications.

We did

  • Product Design
  • Furniture
  • Art Direction